Why is the website English, while the website (and company) is Dutch?

We are not only selling to Dutch collectors, but also to collectors from other countries. Assuming most Dutch people can read English we've chosen to set the default language of the website to English, so people from different countries can also understand the website.

Are the sneakers you're offering wearable? And for how long will they last?

Maybe they are, maybe they are not. Therefor we can't guarantee the wearability of the shoes bought on our website, and thus the intention of selling them to you is for collecting-purposes. Since most of them are pre-owned and/or a few years old we can't predict what happened to the materials on the inside of the shoes. Fairly-new shoes might start to break down after wearing them for a couple of hours, or shoes of a few years old might last you another few years when taking good care. It's really unpredictable. If there's any noticeable wear (or damage) on the outside of the shoes, we will of course add this to the product's information in our webshop. 

If you're planning to wear the shoes bought in our webshop, please do this on your own risk. Our advice: the newer the production year of the shoes, the better the chance is they will last you longer. Also wear them inside your home for short periods first, before wearing them for longer periods of time, so the material will get used to your feet. You still have any questions about this topic? Feel free to contact us!

What size sneaker do I need? Can I wear men's sizes as a female, and vice-versa?

Please check your size up with your current Air Max sneakers before buying. We will be offering all sizes ranging from women's 36 up to men's 47.5 on the website. If you're searching different sizes, I suggest you searching somewhere else. As a female you can of course wear men's BWs, if the size will fit you. But please be aware! Women's BWs are usually less wide than men's BWs. Also we will list Air Max BW GS (a.k.a. Grade School sizes) up as women sizes, to keep the inventory more simple. Don't forget to compare the CM inside your Air Max's label to our product information, as listed on the website. Especially when calculating from men's to women's sizes. Because a men's size 42 will not be exactly as big as a women's 42!

Why are you not offering any newsletters by e-mail?

We think it's unnecessary to bug your e-mail inbox with spam. If you're interested in our new offers, please follow our social media channels.

Are you offering any refunds on shoes bought on the website?

Please think twice (and make sure the desired shoe size is correct) before placing an order. Also please read the information given about the product, read the description and judge the given pictures of the product. If the price seems really cheap, there is usually a reason (which is given in the description) for it. If you are really disappointed upon receiving your order, please contact us and we will try our best to solve it with you. In the worst scenario we will offer you a refund if you ship the item back to us, in this case you'll have to pay for the return shipping yourselves.

You have any advice to keep my sneakers clean?

Of course! It's pretty cheap and simple to give your used-up sneakers a refreshment. You don't need any expensive products to keep your sneakers clean. All you need is a simple detergent (afwasmiddel), a drop of liquid ox-gallon soap (ossengalzeep) and abrasive (schuurmiddel). Soak a simple dishcloth in some water mixed with the aforementioned materials and start scrubbing with the dishcloth! For the outer soles we recommend a simple toothbrush.

When will you have a specific sneaker in my size available?

It depends all on which sneakers will be crossing our path. Sometimes we will have a lot of new listings on the same day in a lot of different sizes and colors. Sometimes there will be (several-) days without any new listings. It all depends on what we are able to get our hands on.

How do I recognize fake Air Max? And how do I make sure you're not selling any fakes?

For some people or newer collectors it's pretty hard to consider if a sneaker is fake or not. Sometimes there's replica's on the market which really really look like original Air Max. But still there are few methods to check it up. Usually by entering the 'stylecode' in Google Images you can find similar pictures of the same shoe. If there's a lot of different shoes showing up, then it's usually a fake pair with a fake stylecode. Also by looking at the general shape of the shoe, or the materials you can see whether it's a fake or original pair. All shoes offered on this website are 100% original. If we are doubting the authenticity of the shoe, we are not going to sell them.

Why are there relatively cheap, and really expensive shoes being offered on your website?

The price we ask for a specific pair of shoes will be considered out of a lot of factors. If the shoes are really common and cheap to buy, our asking price will probably be fairly low. Are they a really rare or limited pair? Or did we have to pay a high price for them? Then of course, the price shown on our website will be higher too. Also the age and condition of the shoes are taken into consideration. If they're really old (and/or damaged), and most likely unwearable, the price will be kept low too. 

I have another question which is not being listed in this FAQ, what should I do?

Feel free to contact us through e-mail, or social media! We will get back to your question as soon as possible!